What is Wellness / Lifestyle coaching?

Wellness or Lifestyle Coaching is similar to Life Coaching except that it focuses on issues related to your body, your lifestyle, your overall health and general well-being. If you want to be healthier, and you are committed to making lifestyle changes to get there, a Wellness / Lifestyle coach can help you.


Do you provide meal plans?

No, I believe that meal plans do not promote self-efficacy, intuitive eating or help you learn about your own eating needs. I prefer to help support you to learn, discover and experiment with what eating works best for you. Of course, you will be provided with information, support and resources to do this.

Do I have to give up any major food groups?

Not if there is no reason for you to! I promote inclusive eating, which involves carbohydrates, protein and fats with every meal. I don’t encourage anyone to cut out a major food group unless there is evidence of a reason to do so. I wouldn’t recommend you to blindly cut out carbs just because your friend lost 10kg that way.

Are you a personal trainer?

No, I am not qualified to train you in physical activity. I believe that we can ‘find 30’ in our day without needing a trainer and that there are so many different ways that you can work out, without the need of one. Of course, if you feel you need to work with a personal trainer I am more than happy to help you find one. Exercise is only about 20% of the healthy lifestyle equation. My program will cover physical movement and activity but I won’t personally train you.

How long is the coaching program?

The group and individual Creating Healthy Habits program is a 10 week coaching program. Follow up support sessions will be available to those who have completed the program to help you continue towards your goals.