Coaching is designed for helping you to achieve a higher level of wellbeing. 

Coaching looks forward to the future rather than back at the past and helps to promote growth, motivation, confidence and increase your capacity to change and facilitates that process through visioning, goal setting and accountability. 

Coaching is a partnership where you are in the drivers’ seat. I am here to support and inspire you to reach your ideal healthy lifestyle. 

I am a firm believer that you are the expert in your own life. You know your situation and circumstances best so it only makes sense that you hold the answers to the questions of the problems that you are facing. I am here to support you in finding those answers. I will help to build your confidence, find your voice and gather your strength. 

I am not here to give you orders, feed you answers or straight up tell you what to do. I am not here to tell you what your healthy lifestyle should look like – that is up to you. 

Of course, there will be times when you are unsure of where to start or what direction to take and I can provide you with information regarding the areas of your life that lead to a healthier and happier you. 

I want to help you to enhance your self-motivation and self-regulation, leverage your strengths, find support and tackle your roadblocks as you go through this process of change to building the lifestyle that you will love living in order to become the person you want to be.


Kym Atkinson - Half day individual and customized workshop

"So I have no idea how to compress how amazing Alani is as a person & how valuable her one on one session was to me through helping me create healthier habits. I had produced some bad habits that held me back as of late & I was lacking confidence, felt lost within myself & my choices I had been making. But sitting down together we broke down my bad habits, my goals, my strengths & support networks then Alani applied her knowledge & helped me see my goals clearer & gave me a sense of direction & confidence in what and how I wanted to achieve my goals with the assistance of creating healthier habits within my life! I felt an instant boost in confidence in myself to achieve my goals & whenever I feel as though I'm questioning my actions or falling back to bad habits I refer back to my goals I set with Alani & things become clear again and it puts me back on track!! I cannot recommend Alani enough & if anyone who lives in WA needs a starting point to make healthier changes in their lives she is a perfect place to start."

Cherie - Group program participant

''I left the workshop feeling motivated and really inspired and I knew exactly what I had to do to achieve the small week one goals I had set. The web sessions where always professional and positive, Alani always managed to find some good in the little things we did! Also any topics that interested us where never too much trouble for her to present. Alani is inspiring, patient and a good listener. Very knowledgeable and non-judgmental.

Coaching has benefited me in so many ways: food and nutrition knowledge, improved sleep, weight loss, goals achieved, others in progress. Awareness of my stress levels and ways to set goals to reduce them. My motivation levels are really high, even when I don’t want to work out or complete a task I have found I really want to achieve my goals and I am sticking to them.I have definitely achieved my exercise goals and I am now finding the confidence to push my body even more by trying new things ie today I did my first metafit class!

Eating sugary foods and snacking on junk are a thing of the past! I learnt a lot about eating healthy fats proteins and carbs over the last 6 weeks and now I’m experimenting with different recipes. I am liking the way I look in clothes now and I am trying to make time for things that make me happy.

I have lost 5Kg, my BMI has decreased to within the healthy range and I have lost cm all over. I have gained confidence in going to social events due to my weight loss. I have also overcome anxiety issues around going to the gym.''

Brooke - Group program participant

"I came out of our first meeting feeling energized and ready to make changes in my life and Alani’s optimism, knowledge and willingness to help, got me thinking and involved in our group sessions without the normal hesitation I would normally harbor. The coaching has given me hope, the little ‘pick me ups’ when I was feeling low were fabulous and gave me the energy, buzz and self-belief I was missing beforehand. Upon completion, I am now more aware of foods and sugar levels and I have had a 100% improvement to my sleeping habits. I  also have more confidence and increased motivation and energy levels.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and to find out just how simple and easy it can be.

Thank you Alani"

Jade Williams

"I felt that my coaching was well tailored to my specific needs and lifestyle. All my questions were answered well and subject matter knowledge was well researched. Alani’s willingness to help was very clear and evident and she is well organized and knew what questions to ask. When I had a bad week I didn’t feel judged and I always left feeling positive and well equipped to deal with my obstacles.

I feel the support and style of coaching has given me many life skills and a good foundation to improve and grow. Celebrating what has gone well has given me lots of motivation to keep going. I am eating healthier and the exercising tips and tricks have given me way more energy. Having a positive attitude and mindset has given me more hope and satisfaction for my past and future goals. I thought it would be more being told what to do, but it is more coming up with the answers myself which is awesome for self-confidence and life skills.

Thanks Alani!!!! Well your coaching has been life changing for me and you are excellent at what you do. I am going to have such a wonderful holiday thanks to all of the support and guidance you have given me."


Danielle Sweet

"I participated in the wellness course and found that setting goals and being accountable for my progress gave me the push I needed to get to a healthier me. Alani Morgan, my Wellness Coach was so supportive every step of the way and provided me with the guidance and knowledge to fulfill my goals. Taking little steps at first was much easier than giant strides and surprisingly the little changes I made was such a huge difference in my lifestyle and all round outlook on life. At the start I was never motivated to exercise and throughout the course I found myself missing it which was very out of character for me and I starting craving exercise. Alani was always flexible in catching up on our weekly call and having Skype was a great tool."  

Jodeen Herbert

“I have loved working with Alani and working to put the focus back on me. As a busy mum, heavily involved in volunteering at our school, I have found my needs are constantly put last. I went to Alani with weight loss, better fitness and wanting to create a general sense of wellbeing at the top of my mind. Through her gentle coaching and discussing my future goals, I realised how much more I needed to focus on me and how big the changes were, as I work towards heading to Uni next year. I have learnt the importance of setting long and short term goals, to reach where I want to be. What really completed the experience, was our regular meetings. While ultimately I was accountable to myself, our meetings and review of my goals have been instrumental in seeing some real change. It has helped me to understand my challenges and look at new ways of getting to my goals. I look forward to working with Alani again in the future and highly recommend her services”

Dominique Miller

"Coaching with Alani has been such valuable time to tune into my own inner answers and choose the direction forward that has made such a difference in how I live (and love) my life (and myself) on a daily basis. Her openness and positive support are wonderful and her awareness and experience of what it takes to create healthy change underpins every session. Thanks Alani!"