Growing your own sprouts is incredibly easy

Even I can manage to not stuff it up.

Kitchen Seed Sprouter - $20 Comes with 4 stackable trays.

Seed packets - $4.95 each. 3 packets of seeds gave me 7 different varieties. 

I placed around half a tablespoon of each seed variety into the trays. I probably aired on the cautious side and could have used a tablespoon each, easy. Three trays had 2 seed  varieties and I left the bean shoots on their own (larger seeds in the picture). Remember to remove any seeds that are looking a little on the munted side, chances are they are not good. 

Stacking the clear trays together and lining up the water valves fill the green tray with water, pour into top tray and quickly place the green tray on the bottom of the stack. 

Once the water had drained back into the green tray you can discard, however I tend to leave it there until it is time to water again and I use the water on one of my many indoor plants. Repeat the watering process two to three times a day and don't forget to replace the green tray on the bottom or you will end up with one hell of a watery mess. 

Day 4 of sprouting goodness

Day 4 of sprouting goodness

Store the trays on your kitchen bench. My kitchen doesn't get a whole lot of light so once the sprouts were about five days old and looking a little yellow I placed them by the window and after about half a day they brightened up to a nice green colour. Just like magic. or science. 

Depending on the seeds, they take 3 to 7 days before they are ready to eat. If you are smart (unlike me) you will stagger the germination process to one tray per day in order to have a continuous supply of sprouts. 

Seven days of sprouting goodness. Once fully sprouted you can wash them and store in the fridge for around 2 days and start the process again. This time I am going to stagger my trays over 4 days and increase production. Judging by how much room there is still I can probably try 2 tablespoons of seeds in each. 

Sprouts are great for salads, sandwiches, stir fry, broth, burrito bowls and a complete snack on their own. I had two pint sized visitors on Saturday who quite enjoyed plucking the sprouts and eating as is. (It is probably best to wash them first!) 

For their size and calorie content sprouts are packed full of goodness, lots of bang for your buck you could say, and they are a great addition to your nut and seed repertoire.   

It's great to have a little home grown variety in your diet and if you are a complete brown thumb like i am (just ask my husband and my herb garden) you can do this too! Even kids could do this. I cannot see how anyone could mess this one up. 


Next on the to try out list, FERMENTING. Stay posted! 


A xx 

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