Making Fried Rice with everything in the Fridge

Every time I open the fridge I'm faced with a growing number of items that haven't been finished from different meals during the week. Rice, chicken, ham and vegetables that everyone is sick of eating in their current form. 

I like to make do with only ingredients I have on hand

I like to make do with only ingredients I have on hand

With Chinese New Year this weekend it has inspired me to whip together my own version of fried rice - "Aussie leftover style" using everything I have on hand in the kitchen.


Cooked brown rice (the older the better, so it doesn't stick) 

Cooked chook from IGA

Ham off the bone cut into cubes

Leftover slaw with extra red cabbage

Can of corn (I prefer to have baby cut corn but didn't have any so I used kernels instead)



Bean shoots

Sugar snap peas


Spring Onion from the garden

Free range eggs 

Your choice of flavourings and sauces *see notes


Brown onion and garlic in olive oil. Add chicken and ham to brown. Add your choice of sauces and seasonings. I used sesame oil, fish sauce, kepak manis, soy sauce and sambal. 

Push mix to the side and scramble two eggs, once cooked, mix through. Add all vegetables, toss and fry for 3 to 5 minutes until cooked. Add brown rice and stir until warmed. 

In a separate pan, fry an egg for each plate to be served. 

Pile in a bowl, topped with fried egg. 




I hate waste and I also hate running off to the shops for one single item to complete a recipe so I tend to make do with what I have in the house, so you can use any combination of the above ingredients, including whatever else you have on hand at the time.

The amount of flavouring, sauces and additives you choose to put in your recipe should reflect the goals that you have. In my weight loss phase I removed all additives from my diet, now that I am maintaining my weight I have introduced a few items to make life and cooking easier. The amount of rice you use compared to protein and vegetables can also depend on your goals. 

In order to have things in the kitchen to make a meal like this with, there has to be some sort of planning involved at some point. These leftovers were the product of 3 different meals during the week that have worked together nicely to make this meal. So the more variety you have on hand, the easier it is to throw things together. #justhowiliketocook 



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